Jambu beads non-toxic silicone jewellery & teething accessories - Adult Necklaces

Adult Necklaces


      Simple and stylish, Jambu Beads necklaces come in a variety of beautiful styles and colours to match any outfit and catch your busy little babe's eye!

      The perfect texture for chomping on or simply fiddling with, our 100% non-toxic, BPA free food-grade silicone beads will help keep baby focused while feeding, and curious little hands and mouths busy while baby wearing or just enjoying a nice cuddle with mum.

      Suitable for women of all ages and stages in life, our gorgeous necklaces are waterproof and incredibly durable - so you don't even have to be toting a little one to enjoy these beautiful pieces! Wear them to the office, out and about, or even at the beach if you want!


      Please note: Our necklaces are not toys and are designed to be worn by adults only. Never leave a baby unattended with these products as they can pose a choking or strangulation hazard due to the long cord and small parts.

      For more safety and care information, visit our Safety & FAQ page and read this notice by The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission regarding teething necklace safety: Teething Necklace Safety: Avoid strangulation or choking

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